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Philly-Made Booze for Toasting the New Year



The new year is just around the corner and what better way to ring in 2015 than with some Philly-made booze. Whether you’re celebrating the new year here in the city of brotherly love, or looking for a festive treat to bring back home, these local liquors and brews are guaranteed to please. Here’s a rundown of some of the best to help you get your toast, and the party, started:


The booze: Art in the Age spirits (

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction is one of Philly’s hippest boutiques. Located in Old City, this eclectic shop offers all types of locally made goods, ranging from rugged denim to sturdy luggage. Their organic spirits, which come in flavors like sage and rhubarb, are great for mixing in cocktails or sipping on the rocks. Distilled from scratch using only “real” ingredients, Art in the Age spirits are a hip addition to any bar.


The booze: Rowhouse Sprits (

If micro-distilling is your passion, Dean and Traci Brown’s artisanal distillery Rowhouse Spirits is sure to make your trip to Philly worthwhile. This local upstart offers not only gin, but also interesting rare spirits like Bear Trap, a herbal liqueur, and Poitin, an Irish white whiskey. Try these unique beverages neat, or experiment with mixing them in your favorite cocktail recipes.


The booze: La Colombe Different Drum (

La Colombe is a Philly-based coffee roaster known for their exquisite beans, but the attention to detail doesn’t end with coffee. Different Drum is a “rum for the bourbon drinker”—a unique blend of cane sugar and coffee that is far from the sickly sweet profile you may have come to expect from after dinner drinks. At 40% alcohol by volume, this unique spirit is great for those who are looking for a souvenir with a kick.


The booze: Philadelphia Brewing Company (

Philadelphia Brewing Company’s beers and ciders are brewed in Kensington, one of Philadelphia’s fastest growing creative neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking for a simple, refreshing beer like the Kenzinger, or an interesting seasonal brew, like Kenz o’ Lantern, this local startup has you covered. Try their beers on tap at one of Philly’s happening bars, or bring home a case to share with friends.


The booze: Yards Brewing Company  (

Yards Brewing Company is a Philly staple for local brews. This beer making powerhouse has been churning out interesting beverages since 1994, and their selection only gets more creative with every passing year. Try the classic Philadelphia Pale Ale, or opt for a seasonal offering, like the PYNK tart berry ale. Whatever you choose, a case or six-pack from Yards is a great way to remember your trip to Philadelphia.


Tee shirts fade and snow globes lose their charm but a case of local beer or bottle of Philly spirits will help you make a New Years Eve to remember. Check online for information about where to buy these great local liquors today.

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