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What does broadway's hamilton have to do with philadelphia?

Broadway’s Hamilton made history in 2016.

With a record breaking 16 Tony nominations resulting in 11 wins, but what does this have to do with Philadelphia?

images.jpg Here’s a story about one the amazing parts of Philly that were inspired by the muse behind the musical, Alexander Hamilton.

Alexander Hamilton was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, an interpreter and promoter of the Constitution, the Federalist Party, the United States Coast Guard, The New York Post newspaper and a founder of the nations financial system.

The First Bank of the United States, one of the few stops on our History Tours provided by Big Red Pedal Tours. The First Bank of the United States was needed because the government was in debt from the Revolutionary War, and each state has a different form of currency (sounds messy).


The bank was built when Philadelphia was still the nation’s capital. Alexander Hamilton tasked the bank with handling the war debt and to standardize the currency used. 

In 1791, the Congress drafted the First Bank’s charter and was signed by George Washington. In 1811, the bank’s 20-year charter expired and the First Bank closed its doors. As a result of the War of 1812, a Second Bank of the United States was opened in 1816, but housed in its own building just around the corner from the First Bank building. Today, both buildings are part of the Independence Historic Park, and both visible and discussed during our historic tours in Philadelphia.

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